1. Why should you choose our company?


  • Development – We annually renew the auto park, as at the time we have 8 compositions EURO 6, refrigerated solo truck and refrigerated van for express deliveries. Recently, we can also boast with a new built cold store, with a ramp – for easier loading and unloading and for storage of groupage cargo.
  • Security – All our vehicles are equipped with satellite monitoring system – GPS

Our refrigerated semi-trailers have partition walls for two-temperature transportation of cargo (+ 25C / -25S). Also the trailers are equipped with thermographs that record the temperature of your cargo throughout the transportation – Because the condition of your goods is monitored and controlled from the first to the last minute.

  • Professionalism – We have 2 innovatively equipped offices – for maximal cooperation between spedition department and drivers.
  • We offer optimal time for transportation of your goods
  1. Our team

We started as a small family company with three employees, but in the present 2016 more than 20 people for us.

  1. Location

You can find us:

Stara Zagora Town, 12 Nikola Petkov Street / photos and Google location/

  1. Curious facts
  2. 1. For the last year “Manista – Halkova” SLTD has transported more than …… tons of goods, requiring temperature regime.

2.Our partners are some of the biggest meat importers in Bulgaria.

3.Only for the last two years “Manista – Halkova” SLTD has bought 4 new compositions.